All our solutions have a singular aim:
to make a positive difference in care.

our apps make healthcare simpler, better, for less cost

The Care Audits app is a paperless system for all areas where care services are provided including...
Care Homes, Care in the Community, Doctors Surgery, NHS and Hospice Providers.

The Care Audits app helps you to manage efficiently and cost effectively the quality of service that you provide to your residents and clients. Staff like the system because it is so easy to use. With Care Audits management are aware all of the time as to the standards of service they are providing in their business such that inspections become a formality rather than a concern.

Care Audits ensures everything is checked as and when it should be with real time evidence, date & time stamping photos, sign offs and compliance all seamlessly and simply managed in the app.

Because we understand the financial and other pressures people in the care sector are under, we make sure every solution improves quality, efficiency and is cost effective.

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