CareAudits app

for Care Homes + Care in the Community.
If it needs checking & Proof it's been checked
+ You want to stay compliant the easy and
paperless way......Use CareAudits.
The app is completely mobile and runs offline, with or without internet, so works wherever you might be. Staff don't have to sit at a terminal keying in data and reports. Ideal for managing compliance as well as inductions and training.
The CareAudits app is designed to run independantly of or integrated with existing Care Plan Management Solutions, filling in all the gaps, asking all the right questions, digitising paper trails and ticking all the boxes.

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There are 2 Options of Care Audits
1. STANDARD – for unlimited users, sites & audits.
CareAudits STANDARD comes with over 80+ audits in one app,.
2. LITE – for independent homes.
CareAudits LITE is available from £10 per user per month
The app can be used in every department.
It is easy to use, easy to add or change audits and is designed for use by the least skilled operators.
The app will ensure you are always safe, always compliant and that CQC, Clients and Visitors always see you at your best.
The Care Audits app  allows photographs to be added, captures signatures, allows readings to be recorded and can gather information without an internet connection.
Once a connection is established, everything that has been recorded is immediately synchronised via the cloud. It is completely mobile and allows unlimited checks, unlimited questions and is multi site and multi user.

Use the CareAudits app For…
• Safeguarding service users • Client pre admission checks • New employee assessments • Statutory updates for staff compliance & awareness • Staff notice board • Pre CQC audit checks • Dignity checks • Health & Safety audits • Food hygiene & legionella audits • Electrical equipment audits • Kitchen audits • Maintenance • Healthcare • Medicines • Assets & Property • Residents Rooms etc.. If it needs checking or auditing then the Care Audits APP can do it Do it once, do it right, first time and everytime with the Care Audits APP.

Integrating CareAudits with Your Existing Care Plans…
• Use our API link software to retrieve CareAudits from the system and include them in your existing computerised Client Care Plans. You can include published or unpublished audits with the questions/ answers/ actions and resolution comments against each question. This is a huge saving in time and removes error whilst trying to enter information after an event.

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CareAudits LogIn

CareAudits LogIn