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'My residents thoroughly enjoyed the experience of talking to somebody independent and being able to make comments. Having the quality assurance monitoring conducted completely independently makes the results so much more credible to commissioners and the CQC. Three residents reported to the CQC inspector that it had been ‘great fun!’. Relatives were pleased to be asked for their views and even more pleased when we were able to act quickly on the comments we had received. Its a great value service which is quick as well as independent and I would recommend it to all managers of care homes'

Maureen - Eden Cottage Care Home

'The Gardens Care Home were delighted with the results of the electronic service user survey. We found that service users who normally refuse to participate in our questionnaires were more than happy to talk freely with an independent person using the electronic survey.

'The results were outstanding and enabled us to respond and act upon everyone’s views in a much more detailed and in depth way'

Marie - The Gardens Care Home

Three of my homes sent staff to the Rapid Training Improvement Workshop training to learn how to take blood pressures and baseline observations. The staff returned from the training and were very positive about what they had learnt and how this would impact on the people they care for within their respective homes. The training was then followed up with practical competency assessments which was again received positively by staff.

The real test was when a staff member contacted the out of hours team regarding the deterioration in health of an individual in our care and the staff member was able to communicate to the GP baseline observations. Not only was the GP happy that the team had acted proactively and responded quickly but that the staff team were able to provide key information in order for the GP to respond accordingly and treat the individual in their own home. The overall outcome was very positive and I have to say the implementation of this training has been received well with not only the out of hours services but also with the GP’s linked to the home. The benefits of treating people living with dementia in their familiar environments speak for themselves and I am sure this good work will continue.

Sharon - Hill Care Limited